Credit Cards


When you use this card for the purchase of goods and services, the following benefits are yours!



Travel Accident Insurance
You are automatically covered by accidental death and dismemberment protection when traveling by common carrier worldwide.

Travel Reservations
Call toll-free 24-hour reservations on hotel/motel reservations, rental car arrangements, airline, train or cruises.

Travel Discounts
You are guaranteed special savings on auto rental rates at Avis, Hertz, and National.

Travel Dividends
Cash dividends on airline tickets, automobile rentals and lodging whenever you use the Travel Reservations service.

Emergency Cash
You have emergency cash available, up to $500, if you should be stranded without cash.

Cardholder Vantage Point
A quarterly newsletter will come to you with your card statement.

Eye Wear Discounts
This program entitles you to savings on most eye wear products.


You Deserve the Credit

Make your new Visa card your constant traveling companion and you’ll always have instant credit at your fingertips. Your new card is already packed with everything you need, to take you anywhere you want to go. From the tiniest boutique to the largest resort, your Visa is your ticket to the best.

You’ll enjoy more shopping, finer restaurants; more travel opportunities with your Visa, whether you’re going across town or around the world.

Accepted around the globe wherever you see the Visa emblem. You’ll benefit from its convenience and security whenever you use your card to travel, shop, or dine. In business or pleasure, you’ll find it makes your life a little bit easier.


More Value.  More Protection

Effective April 4, 2000, Visa changed the $50 consumer liability rule to $0. The new liability policy applies to all Visa consumer card products (not commercial cards), including credit, debit, and Interlink card transactions that take place on the Visa system. All consumer card use, including transaction performed on the Internet, is considered under this new policy, as well.

More than 85 percent of all Visa card transactions take place on the Visa system. The remaining 15 percent occur on non-Visa networks. For example, when an ATM or debit card transaction is routed through a regional network directly to the issuer (or processor) for authorization, these transactions are not routed through a Visa network. If a fraudulent Visa card transaction occurs on a non-Visa network, the issuer will then determine whether this transaction will be covered under the $0 liability policy. Visa believes that in most cases the issuer will extend the same protection ($0 liability) to all Visa transactions regardless of the processing network it is routed through. *This policy does not cover SHAZAM-branded debit card PIN-based transactions at SHAZAM ATM or POS terminals because they are not processed through the Visa network.


Credit Insurance

Credit Account Protector – “CAP” – Protects your family and you by making your credit card payments1 if you become involuntarily unemployed or totally disabled for 30 days or more & by paying your balance in full1 in the event of your spouse’s or your death2 or dismemberment2. CAP costs just 65 cents3 per $100 of your balance each month & there’s no charge when there’s no balance owing on your account. CAP is optional & covers the primary account holder only for disability and unemployment. Coverage stops when you reach age 71 or become delinquent in your payments. CAP is underwritten by the USLIFE Credit Insurance Group4 and the Signature Insurance Group5. If you enroll, you will be sent certificates of insurance that will show the effective date of your coverage as well as any additional limitations or restrictions that may apply in your state. Read them carefully. ENROLL NOW by signing the application.

1 Total benefits are limited to the lesser of your outstanding balance as of the date of the loss or $10,000. Charges made after your claim begins are not covered. Unemployment benefits are not available in HI, IA, ME, MA, MN, PA, & VT. Unemployment does not cover retirement, resignation, incarceration, periods in which you are paid for work previously done, or self-employed people unless the business is closed for financial reasons, and you must be gainfully employed at least 30 hours per week at the time your claim begins. Strike is not covered in IL & NY. Disability benefits for MA residents commence on the 31st day of disability. To be eligible for disability coverage you must be gainfully employed 30 hours per week at the time you enroll except in AK, AZ, AR, CO, HI, IL, IA, KS, LA, ME, MN, MS, MT, NE, NV, ND, OH, OR, SD, UT, WI, or WY. In these states gainful employment is only required when your claim begins. MD residents need not be employed.

2 Dismemberment is not covered in CA, KS, MN, NJ, PA, RI, VA, & WA. Neither death nor dismemberment is covered in NY.

3 60 cents in AZ, CA, MD, MI, NE, NH, ND, UT, & WI; 55 cents in CT & NJ; 50 cents in MO & WA; 45 cents for disability & unemployment only in NY; 30 cents for life & disability only in IA & MN; 22 cents for life & disability only in HI, ME, MA, & VT. Premium rates can be increased upon 30 days notice.

4 Security of America Life Ins. Co., Reading, PA (form C-2327) in AL, CA, CT, DE, DC, FL, GA, KY, MD, MA, NH, NJ, PA, RI, SC, VT, VA, & WV; The United States Life Ins. Co., New York, NY (form G19081) in NY; & USLIFE Credit Life Ins. Co., Schaumburg, IL (form #275) in all other states.

5 Montgomery Wards Ins. Co. (Schaumburg, IL – form #260-083) in CT & Forum Ins. Co., Schaumburg, IL (form 360 Series) in all other states. If you live in CA or FL please read the following: CA residents are not covered for disabilities resulting from pregnancy, intentionally self-inflicted injuries, or pre-existing conditions or for death by suicide. FL residents may purchase or assign insurance from any other insurer. Our FL licensed resident agent is Joseph Mackey.

CAP is available as described in the state where your issuing bank is located. If you live in a different state, CAP may not be available to you.