Check Ordering

Iowa State Bank offers our customers the easiest and most convenient methods for reordering checks. We offer our customers TWO options for reordering their checks. Compare prices and selections with just a click of a button. For all new orders, contact us or stop in to one of our locations.

Option 1 – Deluxe

logo110097_1With Deluxe’s fast and easy check reordering, you have the option of: Checking prices, styles, and features; Inquiring on orders; Selecting shipping methods; Indicating quantities; and making check design changes. You can reorder anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection.


Option 2 –  Iowa State Bank

Iowa State Bank offers its’ customers an in-house check printing service that saves them time and money. Customers may choose from several styles and added features. Within a matter of days an order will be printed and mailed to you.