Debit Cards

SHAZAMChek® Card

This debit card is as easy to use as a credit card, yet it works like a check. Now you can present the SHAZAMChek® Card as a payment for goods and services at any Visa merchant location. The transaction is transmitted to the bank and the amount is deducted from your checking account.

With the new SHAZAMChek® Card, you can still perform ATM transactions. You can easily access both your checking and savings accounts at the Iowa State Bank owned ATM locations, and through various shared ATM network locations.

The SHAZAMChek Card® allows you to:

  • DEPOSIT to your checking or savings account
  • WITHDRAWAL from your checking or savings account
  • TRANSFER money between any of your accounts
  • INQUIRE your account balances

* Funds deposited at satellite terminals will not be available for full immediate credit until the next business day.

Debit Rewards

Quarterly prize drawings are available from SHAZAM through automatic entries made for debit card transactions.

How Do I Get My SHAZAMChek® Card?

Anyone with an Iowa State Bank of Clarksville Checking Account may be issued a card.

Read the SHAZAMChek® Card Disclosure Statement and Application, print and return the completed application.

Upon receiving and approving your application for a SHAZAMChek® Card; your personal identification number (PIN) will be mailed to you and within two weeks you will receive your card(s) in a separate mailing.

privillegedYou can use your card wherever you see the SHAZAM® symbol.  For a location near you, go to the SHAZAM® locator found at

Look for Privileged Status ATMs to avoid surcharges.  Click Here for a directory on the location of these ATM’s.

View SHAZAMChek® Card Disclosure Statement and Application

How Do I dispute debit card transactions on My SHAZAMChek® Card?

* Customers MUST call the number below to report a dispute*


A mobile app that helps protect you from SHAZAMChek® card fraud and allows you to track your debit card accounts!


View additional information regarding brella on the Mobile Products page.