Convenience Services

Direct Deposit

With Direct Deposit, your payroll check, social security, or other regular payment is deposited electronically to your Iowa State Bank checking account, money market, or savings account – immediately, on schedule, and at no cost to you. It’s easy to enjoy the convenience, safety, and security of Direct Deposit. Simply provide your employer, social security office, or other payment source with your name, address, social security number, your Iowa State Bank checking account number, and Iowa State Bank’s routing number (073913959). It’s that easy.

Click Here to download our brochure on Direct Deposit.


Safety Deposit Boxes*

Safe Deposit boxes* are available for rent at our Clarksville, Kesley, and Parkersburg locations. Rental fees vary with box size and boxes are subject to availability

*Safety Deposit Box contents are not FDIC Insured.


Night Deposit Drops

All three locations; Clarksville, Kesley, and Parkersburg offer 24-hour night deposit drops.


Cashiers Checks

From time to time you may need a check in “cash equivalent” funds to make a large purchase or other non-disputable transaction. We offer cashier’s checks for this purpose at all of our locations.


Money Orders

Money orders are a convenient way to pay bills or one-time expenses when you need a receipt for payment. Since they are prepaid at the time of issue, there is no risk of payment return. We offer money orders for this purpose at all of our locations.


Bank by Mail

Bank by Mail is another service offered to our customers who are located out of the area. Iowa State Bank will mail you the necessary supplies (i.e. deposit envelopes, etc.) to make banking easy for you. Contact any of our locations or send us a message using the Guestbook for more details.


Visa Travel Money Card

If you are planning to travel out of the area, you may want to consider using the Visa Travel Money Card.  The Visa Travel Money Card gives you instant use of your funds whether you use a Visa ATM or at locations that accept Visa debit cards worldwide.


Voice Banking

Iowa State Bank’s telephone banking service is available to use with any touch tone phone.  A smartphone is not required to access our Voice Banking.  If you don’t have a computer or smart phone with internet access, try our Voice Banking toll free at (800) 988-4844 or locally at (319) 278-4844.  The Voice Banking system lets you check account balances, review recent transactions, transfer funds, and make loan payments. If you are interested in our Voice Banking service please give us a call and we will provide you with a User ID and PIN code to enroll.

Click Here to download our Voice Banking Brochure.