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Welcome to the Iowa State Bank website. Here at Iowa State Bank we pride ourselves on providing that small community bank atmosphere with large bank products and services. We are locally owned and operated and committed to serving all your financial needs.

Iowa State Bank and its employees are willing to work for you, and with you!! By combining long-standing tradition with the latest technologies, Iowa State Bank will provide our customers with superior products and services.



Heartbleed Vulnerability


Iowa State Bank is aware of the "Heartbleed" vunerability announced by security researchers and the news media last week.  Please be advised that our website,, and our Online Banking services do not use the vulnerable OpenSSL technology widely used on the Internet to encrypt data transmissions, and therefore are NOT vulnerable to Heartbleed, nor ever have been.


We continue to be committed to protecting our customer's privacy and security.  Given the fact that users tend to re-use passwords on multiple web applications, your same username/password combination could have been used on another vulnerable web application.  We recommend our online banknig users change their online banking passwords, and use a unique password for each secure site you visit.


Iowa State Bank will not send an email requesting you to verify your log on credentials, or to click on a link to reset your password.  Please be diligent and aware of phishing emails that may be sent to you in an effort to obtain your credentials.

Always update your credentials by going directly to Iowa State Bank's website, and DO NOT follow links contained in any email.

For additional online security information please visit the Online Security Tips page on our website.

Security Notice for Windows XP Users


On April 8, 2014 Microsoft will stop issuing security updates to Windows XP.  This means that after April 8, 2014 there will be a substantial security risk to anyone using this operating system, since security vulnerabilities will no longer be patched.  Security updates patch vulnerabilities that may be exploited by malware and help keep users and their data safer. PCs running Windows XP after April 8, 2014, should not be considered protected, and it is important that you migrate to a current, supported operating system. 

Although there will not be an interruption to any services we provide to our customers, continued use of a computer utilizing Windows XP could place your device, and the personal information you access with it, at serious risk.

We encourage you to learn more about the end of support for Windows XP by Microsoft and to become informed on what you will need to do to secure your information. To learn more we suggest you visit:







We now have our Mobile Products information on our website! 

Simply click the Mobile Products tab located in the left column to review all the lastest options available at Iowa State Bank.

Our Mobile Products include:

• Mobile Website Banking

• Mobile Banking App

• Mobile Deposit Capture - New addition to the Mobile App!!







We now provide links to the the DOANE'S Ag Newsletters on our website!


Simply click the DOANE'S Ag Newsletter tab located in the left column to check out the newsletters.


You can view the most recent newsletter, or browse through the year's past issues.